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Yo Mama Fight…

This is good for laugh, or if you are me, a whole bunch of them. Dres, if you haven’t seen this yet, be prepared.

Robot Chicken Star Wars


I can’t believe it…

Just saw the headline…”Actor Heath Ledger Dead.”

From A Knight’s Tale to Broke Back to the next big Batman movie, Ledger has been a part of a variety of movies. I guess I will never understand the celebrity lifestyle. I don’t get why all the celebrities get DUI’s and are in and out of rehab. Do we just hear it more because they are in the spotlight?


What’s your power song?

So Nike+ is a partnership between Apple iPod and Nike. Essentially it is a device you place in your shoe which connects via bluetooth to the receptor attached to your iPod Nano. The iPod records your distance (based on previous calibration), calories burned, and time of your run. After, when you sync back up with your computer, it uploads that info to the Nike+ website where you can compare and talk trash to friends who also have the product. The program on your iPod then plays the playlist you assign to your basic workout and, when you start to get tired, allows you the option to push a button to play your “power song.”

Assuming you are dead-tired, what song do you choose to be your power song to pump you up?

Here are some examples:

Myself: Lose Yourself by Eminem

Arnoldcam: Su-su-ssudio by Phil Collins

Pensees: A Whole New World or You’ll Be in My Heart (also by Phil Collins, kind of weird)

Lets hear it? (yes thats a pun) Click here or on the image for a Nike+ commercial


Attn: Music Lovers

If you love music and don’t do this already I have a little insider tip for you. Login to the iTunes store and search podcasts for the different types of music you like. There are a ton of great artists that choose not to “sell” their music in the store, but rather release it for free through means of podcast. Recently I downloaded some sweet acoustic worship stuff. Check it out when you get a chance.


Yes, another Mac Post

Well, its finally here after all the rumors, the .76″ thick Macbook Air. This thing is apparently as light as air (3lbs. or 1.36Kg for Auslanders), and fits comfortably in a manila envelope. With an 80GB harddrive and a 1.6 GHz processor its not exactly powerless either as speculated it would be because of its size. The only thing Im not completely thrilled about is that it only comes in the 13″ right now and it costs $1799 which isn’t cheap, especially when you are pretty close to the pro range.

Neat wouldn’t you say?

I’ve flipped bigger pancakes


Just so you know…

while napkinology will still be my “whatever I feel like posts” I decided it was time to buckle down and start thinking about some stuff that I absolutely love but have been removed from for a couple months now in thought, theology and philosophy. If you like that stuff, check out

iPhone, Yessir

Check out this this new app Phil Lu has created for apple. Although not yet in in use, its pretty amazing what is possible today with this kind of technology. Click here to see the full mock up. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Silent World

Here’s that idea that makes you raise your eyebrows and you stare upwards wondering what it is you are writing but you can’t help but write no matter how ridiculous it begins to sound because the mere fact that you are writing it down seems to validate every moment of time you have spent thinking about it to the this point.

What if we became so technologically advanced that computers could actually be implanted in our minds eye, allowing us to communicate with one another without actually talking? Much like a person at work on instant messenger, with random outbursts of unconscious laughter followed by exclamations of “ha” and “pssh.” How warped is it to consider a world where verbal noise might be an activity of antiquity, one for those “old-timers” who like to live in the past meeting at one another’s homes to talk about anything, as the simple act of talking itself would be what was desired. To go outside and hear only cars and buses, trains and planes, but no voices. Its almost “matrix-ee.” We might as well be asleep living entirely through our minds.

What would happen to talk shows?

I don’t know, just weird…