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O’ Creative Youtubians…

Without Youtube…well, I’ll just leave it at that. Darth Vader being a jerk…holy cow. I know there have been a lot of Star Wars posts lately, but hey, if you don’t like it…I like Star Wars about as much as empty threats…and ellipsies

Darth Vader being a jerk

Star Wars Kid – A New Hope


Indy 4

Apparantly its hard to get this trailer in English and be able to post it to a blog, so here is the German one. Just forget the words and look at the shiny pictures. I can’t believe Harrison Ford is still playing Indy, but then again, it would suck without him. How did he score Han Solo and Indy?

Indiana Jones 4 german teaser trailer

Tim Hawkins, funny man

One of my friends turned me onto this guy and he is good for a couple laughs, especially the “hedge of protection” bit.

Tim Hawkins – Cletus Take the Reel

Tim Hawkins on Marriage

Tim Hawkins – Hedge of Protection


If you can complete this quote then bookmark the Wookieepedia:

Its not impossible. I used to bullseye womp…

Just the thought of people knowing this quote makes me giggle.


Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up


This guy is pretty funny, definitely worth a look. If you like sports, you will appreciate this.

To Whom It May Concern: Youtube videos do not stay live forever, so make sure you watch this one in case it ever gets pulled down for some reason.

The Moving Funnies…

So moving my soon to be wife into our new place has been a pretty interesting experience. First of all, we got a really sweet place for a great deal (most of you know this because I tell everyone I see that asks, and sometimes those who don’t). Its amazing the things you figure out you need when you do your first move. Here are a few examples for you:

The night I moved all the big furniture in, I realized, “Hey, this place is dark at night, we need lights.” Then I thought, “Good thing we bought some lamps the other day.” I set up the lamps and to my surprise realized that by some twisted rule of the universe you need light bulbs to make light; item #1: You can never have too much light.

Then came the issue of the clothes. Since it’s a new place, its only natural that you want to start fresh, so I bought her some new coat hangers (matching of course). When I actually saw how many clothes she had, I thought to myself, “Hmmm, I slightly underestimated; item #2: You can never buy too many coat hangers for your significant other.

So we started to set everything up. The speakers I had setup for the sound system weren’t that great, so I brought in some new ones, slightly bigger of course. Well, not really a hit. So, I rewired the “sleeker” set of speakers with new wire to make them work; item #3: A mans view of “a sweet setup” is way different to the women’s usually.

Here is one more for you. I set up all the electronic stuff, wired, hidden, and looking great (even the xbox 360). Now I’m thinking, “Finally, all the grunt work is done, I can sit on the couch and program all this.” So I sit down, start pushing buttons on the remote, and find out that the battery fairy removed the batteries from all the pertinent remotes, and all my xbox controllers are dead; item #4: Buy as many batteries as you can, they will always be needed.

Hope you enjoyed that, looking back, I think its pretty funny…