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This…Is American Idol

Thats just how Ryan Seacrest always says it. So, I have decided on the three most marketable and likely to be produced in the competition. Let’s just be honest, not a big fan of the girls this year. So, needless to say, they are all guys. These three have a very particular sound, and even though they may not be the  “best” singers, they have the most unique styles of singing which ultimately sells any record. Here they are:

This is just to clarify any descrepancies later on when they all produce records…


Well…there arn’t many words

Gross Warning: Some (all) of the images you are about to view may be considered gross. But not gross gross. Gross like, “OMG giggle giggle.” Gross like you don’t want to really watch but its quirky enough to keep staring. He’s a monkey, I mean, common…