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Finally, after waiting since 2005 to hear something new from Coldplay, they have released a singe, album to follow in June. Here it is…Violet Hill

Just kidding, they are pretty efficient with pulling down the free content. But…….

Go To:

You can download it there for a couple more days


Sigh of Relief…

Well, its been a while, and its only natural that my first post back after sabatical will be on…

So I have been postponing buying a new desktop for quite some time now. I love my macbook pro, but decided I needed to get a desktop to handle some of the more daunting tasks like music and graphic creation.

I’ll stop right here and give the non-nerds a chance to leave this post.

On Saturday, I finally pull the trigger. I purchase an iMac, the super desktop. Its 20″, 2.4 GHz, 4GB of memory operating at 667 MHz. Lets just say I was stoked. Then on Monday (today), I decide to go to the Apple website just to get a little more info on the comp I just made, cause I figure

this thing is the coolest desktop to hit the market, there obviously must be something I dont know about it

To my complete surprise, I see this

Real funny Apple.

So I call Apple as fast as my fingers can dial.

Can I please cancel my order?……Sure Mr. Reynolds

Woohoo! [Sigh of relief] So I cancel my order and re-order 15 minutes later. Now I have a 20″, 2.66GHz desktop with 4 GB or memory operating at 800MHz and my mind is spinning because it was $300 bucks cheaper!!!

So amazing I had to share it with the world that is the 3 people that read this blog that may understand my excitement. Phew, I’m spent.

The tax funnies…

I imagine that Arnold does something like this during tax season for fun. I have to speculate since no one really knows what he does, at least thats what he tells me. Hence, I will be taking guesses in the comments of this blog as to Arnold’s official occupation (if you know it, make up something and humor me so I don’t feel completely left out)

Ping Pong and Taxes Made Easy

closing the deal…

Well, its been a while since I wrote, but I was getting married so I think that counts for something. I have now sealed the deal and I believe that this makes me both funnier and smarter.

Lets talk about some “fun” moments at the airport on our honeymoon:

1) Guy shows up to the baggage checking counter at an international airport 30 minutes before his flight and wants to know why he can’t just cut to the front of the long and growing line since his flight is leaving sooner…(hmmm, good strategy, wait until the last minute and blow past all the unsuspecting people who got there on time)

2) Guy hears his flight has been delayed at the gate so he goes to get a Starbucks (for about an hour apparently). He runs back who knows how much later and asks to board the plane. The  airline associate says they paged him 3 times and he never came so they gave his seat to a standby. He wants to know why he can’t just run onto the plane since its “right there.” The associate says, “Sir, 200 other people managed to get to the gate on time, the plane is full.” I really was trying hard not to laugh.

3) And last, though not at the airport, my wife and I found out some valuable information while waiting in lines in other places. If you just say, “Oh, my family is up there at the front of the line,” people just move out of your way. This happened literally 10 times over four days and we just laughed everytime it happened. Lets face it, the cruise ship wasn’t going to leave without us, so we weren’t worried.

the end for now…