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I’d Believe it…

A friend sent me this today and I thought it was pretty funny. I kind of like the way it looks to be honest. Come on Arnold (Governator), you’re my only chance!


Leo’s got nothin’ on me…

As my wife pointed out to me tonight, “wow, that guy in ‘Once’ really looks like Kyle.”

Check this out:

This may either be 1) Kyle and what he was actually doing while he was in “Germany”, 2) his brother the movie star he neglected to tell anyone about, or 3) his non-blood related twin.

Anyone, anyone!?!?!

Funny Story…

So this weekend I went surfing and it was awesome [see Arnold’s video on my facebook for more information]. On the way home we thought, hmmm, food sounds good, let’s have some. We finally locate the hidden Avery Parkway In-N-Out that has somehow alluded us for so long and thus begins the ordering:

Scene: Drive-thru at In-N-Out, In-N-Out lady standing at the passenger side window of the car

In-N-Out Lady: Welcome to In-N-Out, may I take your order?

Arnold: [Leans over to make eye contact with In-N-Out lady] Yes…I’d like an In-N-Out please

[Lady smiles awkwardly followed by Arnold smiling awkwardly]

Arnold: Oh my gosh [looking stunned and at a loss for words while Dustin giggles in the seat next to him, the seat between the In-N-Out lady and Arnold]

In-N-Out Lady: Its ok, it happens all the time

Arnold: Really?

In-N-Out Lady: Yeah [Smiling and nodding]

Arnold: Oh ok, then I’ll have a double double with no onion

The end.

Really funny in the moment, I mean common, who goes to In-N-Out and asks for an In-N-Out?

Anyway, Im sure I will find a way to spruce this up a little.

Lots of Bandwidth, Even More Tunes

If you haven’t discovered Pandora yet, you are in for a great surprise. One of my favorite sites, it allows you to type in whatever artist you are in the mood for hearing, allowing it to create a playlist or “channel” for you of other artists that have the same sound.

For example, if you type in John Mayer, you will hear John Mayer, Dave Matthews, maybe even some Snow Patrol or Mat Kearny.

If you are tired of just listening to online stations at work, check out this site, its pretty sweet. It does seem to suck up some bandwidth though, sort of like youtube, so just close it out for 20 minutes or so if people start complaining about how slow the internet is today.

Lastly, just save yourself the frustration and register as soon as you decide you like it or it will keep asking you to register which, lets be honest, is really annoying.

Maybe we are just getting lazy…

I have been checking out a lot of blogs lately, specifically one by Chris Brogan. I found a useful tool on his site where I can have his blog delivered to my email each time he posts, and I dont even have to go there!

Wow, you know are getting lazy when you dont even want to click on a bookmark. Anyway, I figured I would add the feature to my blog as well and try it out. If you look to the right, underneath “search”, you will find a link that will allow you the priveledge of having my blog delivered straight to the email address of your choice. I know…amazing. Here is a free shoutout to feed burner…