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Credit Swap Crisis

There was an interesting story on 60 minutes last night. Several economists, some lawyers, and even professors weighed in on the current economic crisis. Everyone has an opinion and solution in hindsight I guess. Basically what they describe is gambling and I can’t believe this bill ever passed, but it did. It was motivated by greed and lots of people benefitted from this. However, it also helped lead us into the position we are currently in.

Im not sure where I stand on government regulation frankly because I dont understand it well enough to have a valid opinion, but in my mind, these are the types of loopholes that we need to clean up. Whoever our next President is, I hope they can get us back on the right track.


7-Election Results

First of all, Im not creative enough to come up with a witty title like this on my own; so know that those marketing guru’s came up with this themselves. Second, barring that there is no correlation between vas amounts of coffee consumption and democrats, this is pretty amazing to look at.

I have to vote at 7-11?

The past two mornings, I have found myself walking with some co-workers to 7-11 for a cup of cheap coffee (Starbux starts to weigh on you…or your budget). Once inside, I walked to the coffee bar like I always do, and BOOOOM, make your choice! There were three cups: McCain (red), Independent (no color), and Obama (blue). I had to decide in the store who I was going to vote for, and break the news to all my co-workers. Anyway, once I made my choice, I saw right above the barcode a little message that said, “This is how we count your vote.” I thought, “this is crazy!”, then I thought, “this is genius!”

We all are well-aware by now that the main audience for this election is the working, middle-class, Joe 6-pack. What better way to get a feel for who those people are rooting for then to tag coffee cups at 7-11. WIth my marketing pants on, this is pretty creative. With my middle-class pants on, I’m making a stand. WIth my conspiracy pants on, I’m being watched and tracked in yet another way and I can’t do anything about it because coffee everywhere else is freakin’ expensive. Do not reply to this post with any comments about pants.

The Power of Fbook

Never underestimate the power of a solid social network. Recently I have been involved in using facebook, lovingly referred to as fbook, to spread the word about the place I work, the church I go to, and even some personal stuff.

I decided I wanted to try and get some more people to visit my blog as well. My other blog – dustin reynolds – (for those of you that know it exists), gets very little traffic, but I tend to post more though-provoking/thinking junk on that one. I posted a link to my facebook a couple days ago about a new post I had, and BOOM, like that I had the greatest number of visits to my site it had ever seen (confirmed by the stats provided by wordpress), all of which the referring domains were facebook.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty sweet.